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NOW AVAILABLE: Chupacabra ~ The Western Trilogy

The saga of Books I ~ III have been compiled into a single book to include the previously unavailable micro-story, Hunt for the Chupacabra. This collection is only available as an E-Book on Amazon.

Return of the Chupacabra (Chupacabra Series #5)

The Beast will be released in 2024

The Story: In 1990, after more than one hundred years since being seen, the Chupacabra returns to its blood-thirsty vengeance when a troubled young boy discovers and befriends the mysterious creature.

TITLE ANNOUNCEMENT: The Dead Diaries - Short Story Collection COMING IN 2024

An anthology of approximately 10 horror/thriller short stories will be released soon to include many unavailable and unpublished titles, including the micro story Hunt for the Chupacabra and the short story Kill Two Birds, as published privately in the anthology, The Humanity of Fear.

Chupacabra Series (most titles available in Print & eBook)

Additional Publications

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