Thank you for you interest in receiving an ebook copy of The Ghost of Christmas Past. I hope this story adds to your traditional holiday enjoyment.

Based on Charles Dickens’ famous character of the same name, the radiant spirit shines again to embark on a spiritual adventure into its own past in search of its extinguished flame.

" read through the pages without being aware of anything else around you...The writing was beautiful, the story was reminiscent of the original, and there was a believable backstory for the Ghost of Christmas Past...a must-read for the Christmas season or any other time of the year."

"...delightful reading...A wonderful family read...Welcome to the world of Michael Hebler..."

"The Spirit became one of those fantastically three dimensional characters who I cared for, annoyed me and I sometimes pitied."

"The Ghost Of Christmas Past gets my highest recommendation for all readers."

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About the Author:

Michael Hebler was born in Southern California.  Being raised and living near Hollywood, he turned to a career as an international film publicist, working on multiple titles for Warner Bros., Summit Entertainment, Lionsgate, and Walt Disney/Pixar.

After working in "the industry" for many years, Michael decided to persue his dream of writing ficiton prose and moved to Southwest Florida.