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Drowning My Passion

I am no longer a “full-time” author, and admittedly, I’m relieved. Lately, I have been losing the passion as a writer, so I decided to get a job as an event coordinator, something I love to do almost as much as writing when writing was exciting to me. Something about the organization, energy, and the inspiration or enjoyment that people walk away with from a satisfying fulfills what writing cannot. Perhaps it’s a Left-brain/right-brain thing.

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, I aided in organizing junkets and red carpet events as a film publicist. Today, I organize monthly symposiums for a popular real estate and financial education company. Just this last weekend, I sat in as a student on a 3-day basic training in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company I work for required that I get an idea of where our students came from before signing on to be our students at symposiums. I found the teaching at the event so powerful that many times I forgot I was there to learn as an employee that I actually focused on learning as a “real” student.

After the weekend, and after having been bitten by the real estate bug, my mind became flooded with new story ideas and my passion for writing returned. When writing, I spend a lot of time at home. I rarely visit with friends or family or do anything social because I’m afraid I would be “wasting time” when time could have been better spent writing (in case you didn’t know, writing a book is a looooong process). Ultimately, when I attended my company’s event, I had been forced to step away, have my eyes open, and gave my imagination a rest. I never realized I had been drowning my creativity by not allowing it to breathe for more than a couple of moments.

To writers, non-writers, investors, hourly, salary, artists, astronauts… if you were like me, just exhausted by something you had once been passionate about or think of a hobby as more of a hassle, give yourself the time to step away. Try doing something that would take approximately three days to a week. Don’t drown your passions as I had. They need to breathe, otherwise, they could die.

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