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The Education of Research

I was not a great student. Though my body was present in class, my mind would get me to my seat, made sure I had all that I needed, then sneaked out the door once class started to explore far-off lands and mystical places. If it hadn't been for theatre, I probably would not have lasted as long as I did in college.

Though some subjects would still bore me to sleep today, in recent years, I have developed an appreciation for others; even those where I paid more attention to the clock on the wall than the instructor. It's not new news to state I like to write period pieces, and because of that, I wish I had paid more attention in history. Because of writing, I have found the fun in a subject which I did not appreciate while a student.

If you are a current student who is reading this post, take a moment to reevaluate a subject that is far from your favorite, and find what there is about it to make it personal to you. Do you detest math but like money? Remember, the two go hand in hand. Do you like reading but hate history? There is always a bit of history in every book. Do you like to express an opinion but don't understand politics? There is more than one way to learn about the government.

I don't mean to get preachy, but I thought I would pass along a gold-nugget of clarity.

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