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Did I really "procrastinate?"

In my first post, I mentioned how I intend to be more consistent with my blogging. So what do I do by the time I reach my third post? Wait more than two weeks before writing it. Now, if my full-time job was writing in an isolated cabin in the Swiss Alps (as my dream dictates) I think I might successfully post at least once a week. Unfortunately, I'm not "livin' the dream" quite yet and have a 40-hour-week (actually more) job. Don't get me wrong. I do love my day job. Being an event coordinator is probably the NEXT best thing to being a writer; however, notice how I stressed the word "next."

I just returned from Seattle, Washington after a successful symposium that took weeks and weeks of planning. For me, that's a full day's plane ride across country. We're talking Southwest Florida to the Northwest corner of Washington. The distance doesn't get longer within the continental United States (Alaska not included). The idea was to write a few blog posts (planning ahead), outline my next two chupacabra novels, and brainstorm some new short fiction. By the time I arrived in Seattle, I did outline the next chupacabra novel (some exciting stuff), as well as the first half of the last chupacabra novel, but no new short fiction ideas and no new blog posts. Instead, I watched "Captain America: The Winter's Soldier." After just a few hours of writing, my brain was done. The previous work week had been exhausting, I had been up since 4:45am, and I just needed to unwind. So my plan didn't go exactly as... well, planned, and I punished myself all weekend long about procrastinating.

"I know! I'll accomplish the rest of my goals on the flight back!"

I must have already been deliriously tired to think I would even write one word on a red-eye after working a 13-hour day. As expected, I wrote NOTHING. The next day, and the day after, I again kicked myself for procrastinating. I should have wrote something; anything! At least finished the outline for chuppie 6. But then, I thought, "Am I being too hard on myself? Should I really consider it procrastinating?" And at the moment I decided I had every right to not write, I was able to start this post.

The theme of this post? Maybe it's not procrastinating and don't be so hard on yourself. If you're a writer, or somebody who feels they might procrastinate too often, vent your challenges that are confused with procrastination.

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