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Let's Try This Again

Hello, and welcome! Thank you for taking time to look at this new addition to my website.

I've been asked time and again, "When are you going to start a blog?" Honestly? I've tried twice before. It first began with Michael's Obsessions, in which I wrote about anything I had a passion for from Disney's pumpkin fudge to backyard roller coasters. But as I jumped from one Chupacabra Series novel to the next, I decided to take a hiatus, which became more permanent. The site still exists. Curious?

Next, I decided to take advantage of Goodreads' blog, which I still post occasionally. However, I found it difficult to keep up with posts on Goodreads because blogs don't receive the same amount of attention and groups, shelves, lists, etc.

Well, here we go again, and as they say, "Third time's a charm." I take on this endeavor with full passion because unlike blogger or Goodreads, this feels most like home to me instead of rental space.

So, thank you again for swinging by and I hope you'll visit again soon.


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