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Michael Hebler, author

About Michael

Michael Hebler is a writer living in Southwest Florida.  He was born in Los Angeles County and raised in Orange County, California. He wanted to write compelling stories with exciting characters from the age of 13, having been influenced by Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and Robert R. McCammon. Michael enjoys writing many types of fiction but finds that most of his inspiration comes from the thriller and horror genres.​


Michael recently took a hiatus from writing to explore other opportunities but is excited to return to writing this year (2023) to finish the last two books in his Chupacabra Series and explore some of his other story ideas. In 2024, he plans to release, RETURN OF THE CHUPACABRA: In 1992, after more than one hundred years since being seen, the Chupacabra returns to its blood-thirsty vengeance when a young boy discovers and befriends the mysterious creature.


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